Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Sound of (Running) Music


Some people like to plug into their ipod when they run, some people like to plug into nature and just be "one" with their surroundings.  Me?  I've gotta have music.  It serves two purposes for me:  it helps me keep going, and it keeps me from hearing myself panting breathing.

Even if I'm running with other people, I will have one earbud in so I can hear my music. Yes, I know...some people think that's rude.  But I've come to rely on my music to help me get through the miles.  It's part of my escape.  It's the only time when I can really listen to music that I like (i.e. not Kids Bop or Selena Gomez) uninterrupted.

I like put together running playlists, and I like to change it up frequently so I don't get burned out. What do I like to listen to when I run?  Well, I like my running music loud, fast, and slightly angry. So my playlists usually have quite a bit of alternative rock.  But I'm not a music snob.  I'll listen to pretty much anything...a good song is a good song.

Today I put together a new playlist.  And this one has a "theme."  Here's the back story:

My good friend Monika is a HUGE Foo Fighters fan. Back on April 5th, she invited me to go see "Foo Fighters:  Back and  Forth," a documentary about the band, followed by a live broadcast of a concert where they played their new album in its entirety.  Now, I've been familiar with Foo Fighters for awhile, and I knew some of their bigger hits.  But after watching the documentary, I have to say I'm now a real fan.  Monika is working on elevating me from "casual fan" to "SUPER FAN" status, so she gave me the "complete works"  for my listening pleasure.

And thus is created my new playlist, made up entirely of music by the Foo Fighters.  Here you go!

1. Everlong
2. Big Me
3. Headwires
4. Generator
5. Monkey Wrench
6. Low
7. New Way Home
8.  White Limo
9. Wattershed
10. Back & Forth
11. Weenie Beenie
12. My Hero
13. Breakout
14. My Poor Brain
15. Good Grief
16. Wind Up
17. Arlandria
18. I'll Stick Around
19. Times Like These
20. Rope
21. Gimme Stitches
22. No Way Back
23. Bridge Burning
24. Learn to Fly
25. Walk

Do you listen to music when you run?  What do you like to listening to?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

At the Starting Line...

Let me introduce myself.

I'm not a running expert.  I wouldn't even consider myself "a runner."  I'm a "wannabe runner."  I'm someone who has always been active, but got involved with running only in the past few years.  I'm a mom, a wife, a teacher. I'm closer to 40 than 30, so I'm starting to deal with all these random aches and pains that are probably just part of "getting old."

I'm constantly struggling to find that balance between making time for fitness and all the other junk that life throws our way.  Sound familiar?

I love to run, but lately I'm struggling to find my "running mojo."   So today while I was on a 7 mile run and my mind was making its usual way through all things random, I decided I needed a blog.  A place where I can make myself publicly accountable, where I can have a creative outlet for all my thoughts, struggles, and other running-related musings.

Yes, I know cyberspace is full of running blogs.   But I hope you'll stop back by, say hello, and share your thoughts!

Happy Running!