Saturday, May 12, 2012

Keep Going....

I haven't posted in forever.  Why?  Well, I kind of lost my running mojo.  My last race was Ragnar del Sol in February (which was the most fun I've had in years!) and for some reason, I just couldn't get back into a routine after that. 

Life's been all over the place for me since the fall.  Normally running would be my outlet.  But I just couldn't get past all the junk in my life and get back on the pavement.  Teaching, taking classes,  kids, adjusting to life as a single parent, trying to manage my now-precarious financial was just too much.  I've been in "treading water" mode.  Lots of nights of crying myself to sleep from all the stress so I could put on my game face the next day. 

Thursday evening I was running on the dreadmill while my son was at swim practice.  And I kind of had an epiphany: I don't want to just tread water anymore.  I want to full-out swim. 

As I was plugging away, I was reflecting back on when I first really got into running about four years ago.  I couldn't go two miles with stopping at least once or twice.  But I kept going.  Then I was able to go two miles without stopping.  Then I was able to run a mile in 10 minutes.  And then one day I was under 10 minutes and I was so excited!  Now, four years, eight 1/2 marathons, one full marathon, and a Ragnar relay later....I'm consistently running sub-9 minute miles (not for as many miles as I would like....yet!).  I know, to many of you that's not that fast.  But for me...I never thought I'd get here.  And I'm still working on getting faster.

So what was the key?  I just kept going.  And I want to translate that into the rest of my life.  I'm just going to keep going. It's not always going to be pretty, it certainly won't be easy, but if I keep chipping away, I'll get there.  

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