Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Curse of the Long Run

Today's run was supposed to be 9 miles.  It was 7.15.  And that took me one hour and 20 minutes.  It SUCKED.  It ROYALLY SUCKED.  Where do I start?

In the first few miles.....

Barely around the corner, and my shoes aren't tied correctly.  I'm picky about this.  Not too tight, not too loose.  I've been known to tie and re-tie my shoes several times before I run because they have to be just right.  So I have to stop and fix them.

That extra 45 minutes of sleep is going to bite me in the ass.  It's already warmer than I like it.

Uh....guess I need to actually push "start" on the Garmin.

I don't think I put enough SPF 10 million on my shoulders.  I can feel my freckle collection growing.

Why do I already feel like crap?  I'm not even running that hard. Yikes! My heart rate is in the mid-170s.  That is not good territory for me.  Oh wait.  Decongestants + cough syrup + antibiotics....yep, that'll do it!

In the next couple of miles.....

Must stop for a minute and cough up a lung....damn sinus infection.

Why is the safest side of the street never the shadiest side of the street?  Murphy's Law....

Why does it feel like there is something in my right shoe?  It's bothering me.

It's gone beyond bothering me...something is hurting my foot.  I have to stop and figure it out.  Great, it's my new socks.  They are just a little bit big, even though they are smalls (I have tiny feet), and the "extra" sock has worked it's way under my foot.  While I'm stopped, I have another little coughing fit.

In the last couple of miles.....

Ok, I'm now sweating and sunscreen is running in my right eye.  It burns.  Maybe I can run with one eye closed???

Have to stop and fix the damn sock on my right foot two more times.  And to add to the drama, the seam of the left sock is now rubbing a blister on the top of one of my toes.  Epic fail on the new socks.

I check the time.  I have to cut this run short and head home.  Husband is waiting to go mountain biking and was supposed to leave 10 minutes ago.

Grade for today's run:    D-

Yeah, that was terrible.  I think I have a long run curse.  This will be my 4th 1/2 marathon and every time I get to the point of needing to pull 8 or more miles for my long run I have "issues."  For the first one, the first time I did 9 miles I had to call my husband at mile 6 to pick me up because I was dry heaving on the side of the road (of course, I ended up with the stomach flu).  For the next two, I was dealing with hip flexor issues the whole last month leading up to the race, which really hampered my long runs.  This time, this nasty sinus infection has knocked my for a loop the last couple of weeks.  And today's run was just a hodge podge of random issues.

Ugh!  I was feeling good about San Diego.  Now that I'm three weeks out, I'm not where I would like to be.  Sigh....

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