Monday, May 30, 2011

Ready to ROCK San Diego!

Woooooo hoooooo!!!!! Rock 'n Roll San Diego is less than a week away!  The miles are run (although not as many as I would like, but moving on....), the arrangements are made. Now comes one of my most fave parts: making a new playlist!

I love music.  Any kind of music.  I'm not a music snob.  I'll listening to pretty much anything....a good song is a good song.  But I do have my preferences, which I wrote about a little bit here.  I like to change up my playlist frequently, so it doesn't get stale.  I usually rotate in new stuff, while keeping some of my faves from previous playlists.

So without further Rock 'n Roll San Diego playlist (which will be on shuffle, so who knows what order!):

Bridge Burning -  Foo Fighters

Bang, Bang K'naan & Adam Levine (fun, great beat, and Adam Levine...sigh....)

F**k You! - Cee Lo Green

Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Ray (my kids are OBSESSED with this song.)

Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters 

What the Hell - Avril Lavigne (can't help myself, it's catchy!)

Little Lion Man - Mumford &  Sons

Kiss With a Fist - Florence + The Machine (she just rocks....)

White Limo - Foo Fighters (fits my "loud and slightly angry" preference to a tee)

Love Don't Wait - Michael Franti & Spearhead (fun, fun, fun!)

The Distance - Cake  (no running playlist is complete with Cake....)

Henrietta - The Fratellis

Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

When They Come for Me - Linkin Park (I like this song when I'm suffering....about mile 10, I'm sure)

Animal - Neon Trees (great beat)

Times Like These - Foo Fighters

The Sound of Sunshine - Michael Franti & Spearhead (happiness in song form)

Best of You - Foo Fighters (if I was going to do karaoke, it would be to this song)

Let Me Go - Cake

Back & Forth - Foo Fighters (everytime I hear this song, I have to resist the urge to sing)

Billionaire - Travie McCoy

Horseshoes and Handgrenades - Green Day (again, loud and slightly angry)

Everlong - Foo Fighters  (musical genius)

Dog Days are Over - Florence + The Machine

Lisztomania - Phoenix (again, I love the beat of this one)

Walk - Foo Fighters (I LOVE the lyrics in this song....)

Never There - Cake  (another one that makes me want to me, you don't want me to sing)

Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

We'll Be Alright - Travie McCoy

Rope - Foo Fighters (Maybe my fave off the new album....)

Wretches and Kings - Linkin Park 

What's the Attitude - Cut Chemist (guilty pleasure!)

Price Tag - Jessie J and B.O.B.  (another guilty pleasure)

Headwires - Foo Fighters

Creepin' Up the Back Stairs - The Fratellis

Holiday - Vampire Weekend  (just love them!)

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