Friday, May 27, 2011

Going the Distance...

So I have a decision to make over the several days.

Registration for Rock n' Roll Las Vegas opens on May 31st.  I'm definitely doing it.  My friend Monika and I had so much fun last year that we knew before we even finished the race that we'd be back to do it again.

What I need to decide is:  half.....or, dare I say it, full.  Yes, I'm contemplating signing up for the full.  It would be my first marathon.  Monika is talking about doing it, and I have a feeling that she is going to use peer pressure kindly ask me to do it with her.

I would have a training partner in Monika.  I have plenty of time (according to the calendar, anyway) to prepare.

But I'm scared.  Can my body (mainly my hip and back) make it through the additional miles?  Can I fit all the extra training that a full would require into my already busy life?

I'm just so undecided.  If I do it, I have to fully commit to it.  I cannot be wishy-washy about it.

And so I will continue to think about it.  But not too long...registration is right around the corner.

1 comment:

  1. You absolutely can do it. If you make the commitment, get a training plan together, and stick to it, then you'll be fine! And it makes it so much easier to have someone there to keep you accountable.